BPI Counseling Services


  • experiencing distressing feelings such as inadequacy, doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt or confusion
  • grieving the loss of a significant person or thing
  • experiencing relationship difficulties
  • experiencing existential problems/crises
  • questioning the meaning of life

With Health Related Concerns...

  • living with/surviving cancer
  • living with a disability or chronic illness
  • recovering from abuse or trauma
  • experiencing women's issues such as PMS or menopause
  • facing a life-threatening illness

Who are LGBT & Q...

  • concerned with issues of identity or personal power
  • experiencing relationship struggles, prejudice, or alienation

Who are Undergoing Transitions...

  • situational: a significant or sudden change or crisis brought about by some kind of circumstance
  • life-cycle: the natural changes that occur with various stages of life


  • struggling with conflict
  • seeking a higher level of emotional and/or sexual intimacy
  • dealing with feelings of alienation or distance
  • considering marriage or union
  • adjusting to the birth or adoption of a child
  • needing communication skills


  • experiencing communication difficulties
  • experiencing grief as a result of death or divorce
  • wishing to improve parenting skills
  • struggling with issues unique to blended families
  • establishing and living in non-traditional families