Brandywine Pastoral Institute is a nonprofit center
providing counseling, psychotherapy, & education.

Our Mission

The institute, established in 1987, has always had a strong reputation for being an open and inclusive organization. Indeed, we extend a special welcome to those who may feel or are considered to be “on the outside” because of sexual orientation, lifestyle, circumstances, choices, or others' prejudice. We invite persons in spiritual or personal discontent to become fellow seekers on the journey to self-exploration. By means of the discipline of psychotherapy, we hope that persons can begin to integrate body, mind, and spirit, work towards mutuality in all relationships, and find empowerment to help create a world of justice and peace. Brandywine Pastoral Institute offers a sliding fee scale so that all persons, regardless of income, may receive quality counseling and psychotherapy.

Pastoral Counseling

As a therapeutic modality, the focus of pastoral counseling is the professional integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. As pastoral psychotherapists we view client issues, problems, and relationship struggles as both spiritual and psychological since, at the core, these concerns are with the meaning and purpose of living. Pastoral psychotherapists are trained mental health professionals who utilize both psychological and spiritual resources in their clinical work, weaving together the art and science of therapy. We work relationally and collaboratively with clients and their values in a movement toward growth and healing, wholeness and health. No matter what has happened in the past or is perplexing in the present, pastoral points to the possibility of beginning anew. We help people become free of the constraints of their “old stories” and create “new stories.” Pastoral psychotherapy is about exploring possibilities together as companions on the journey.